Our response to COVID-19

Our response to COVID-19

Dear students

As you would no doubt be aware, State, Territory and Federal leaders are meeting weekly to manage Australia’s response to the COVID19 outbreak. You can follow their communiques at https://www.coag.gov.au/ In addition, further updates can be accessed here: www.health.gov.au or www.health.gov.au/covid19-travellers or SA Health.

On 15 March, the Federal Government, in concert with State and Territory Governments, advised that at this stage, schools should remain open. This advice will be revisited on 20 March. Some universities and TAFE’s have already moved from face to face to online learning.

In the meantime, we know that many of you may have questions or concerns over upcoming days. We will ensure you receive the latest and the most critical information available:

There are six things we want you to know today:

  1. According to the policy introduced by Australia Government on 15th March, all international students arriving in Australia from overseas need to self-isolate themselves for 14 days. For the further protection of everyone we ask that students who have been in contact with travellers who have recently arrived in Australia from overseas, also quarantine themselves for 14 days.
  2. Adelaide Education Group is closed for face to face training from Monday, 23rd March 2020 until further notice. All currently timetabled face-to-face training will move to online delivery. We will continue to assess this decision in consultation with guidance from the Australian government. VET for School Students program will not be affected at this stage and will continue face to face training as usual until otherwise notified unless you are have come in contact with a COVID19 patient, has recently travelled or suffered illness.
  3. Management and staff at Adelaide Education Group have undertaken many precautions to protect everyone from COVID19. We have also been training, trialling and preparing for online course delivery. We will continue to communicate with you online to ensure that we remain available to answer questions. Most existing staff will also be employed for both onshore and offshore students to assistant with remote learning. Our aim is always to ensure minimal disruption for you and your studies.
  4. Please regularly check your email inboxes. We will provide regular updates via email about COVID-19, your studies/online learning and for those who need it – supermarket online ordering instructions.
  5. If you have questions or concerns, please share them with us via email: info@aeg.edu.au
  6. Finally, please be mindful that there is misinformation online and in other media. Instead of believing or sharing unverified information, please focus on online training, regularly check email inboxes, take good care of your personal hygiene and avoid unnecessary social activities.

Every decision we make is based on the most reliable information from the Australian authorities, whom we are in regular contact with.

We know the uncertainty of this situation is challenging for everyone in different ways, and some of you may even feel frustrated. We will try our best to help you to focus on your studies, your work, your wellness and your life, and we will provide any possible support and resources to protect you, and our entire community.


Kerrie Evans

CEO, Adelaide Education Group