Guardian Support

Guardian Support

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AEG recommend that parents consider registering with a recognised third-party provider of quality and reliable service to international students for guardian support.

AEG recommend either Student Guardian Service (SGS) or International Student Service (ISA).


SGS has worked extensively with local schools in Adelaide, including AISA schools, to support these schools to provide comprehensive welfare arrangements for international students under the age of 18.

SGS’s custodial team members all hold the mandatory “Responding to Abuse and Neglect” certificate required by the Australian Government. SGS will allocate a supporting staff member who is bilingual in both English and the student’ s native language so that they can best support the student. SGS also provides timely communication with their homes. SGS’s 24/7 service includes airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodation arrangements (if required) and coordination, local briefings, homestay visits, holiday arrangements, emergency assistance support, as well as support with academic follow-up or school meetings, counselling advice, etc.

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ISA has a team of independent multi lingual careers whom the student can rely upon for guidance, advice and support on a range of issues, including academic progress, coaching, personal welfare, social and emotional issues, financial guidance, general safety and security.

They have their own Safe Student App, which is an app designed for students to seek help when they meet something emergency. This app will direct contact to emergency services and notify three of their contacts.

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