Why AEG?

Why AEG?

Education is everything

AEG focusses on the delivery of education and facilitating learning. Students and their parents can be confident that the investment made with AEG will provide the best chance of success to continue on a successful pathway to further education or employment.


Innovative learning and intensive support

Adelaide Education Group programs are designed to establish an innovative, inspiring and open learning environment and include simulated businesses that operate across courses and class groups.

We also have learning advisers helping students in their studies and achievement of academic goals.  Student Support Officers are integrated into the way we work with students, to help identify difficulties early and address them before attendance and performance become critical issues.


Small Classes

At AEG, we offer everything you need to study from SACE program to Graduate Diploma. AEG limits class sizes to allow you better access to Trainers and Teachers.

You won’t be overlooked in a class of hundreds of students.  Our Trainers and Teachers have more time to spend with you in class to help you learn


Better Assessment Methods

Traditional exam assessments can be stressful, at AEG, we use a range of methods to assess the knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies. Assessment tasks are different for each subject and may include reports, tests, quizzes, role-plays, presentations and exams.  Students are given the opportunity to re-sit most assessments free at least once.


Free English Language Support

AIBT and AIHE want you to improve your study skills, English level and academic performance.

All students who are enrolled in any of our Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Graduate Diploma courses, you automatically have free access to English Language Support delivered by our team of experienced English for Academic Purposes (EAP) trainers.